PATCH 10.17 SMURFS TARGETED WITH SMALL NERFS “We’re back from the break, we’re blistering in this heat, and we’re bringing a brief B-side patch! This is more of a glorified mid-patch update rather than a full patch, meaning most of the adjustments here are simple balance tweaks, and there aren’t any released skins or new …

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PATCH 10.14

PATCH NOTES 10.14 20% increase damage to Kha’zix, Jungle smurfing OP “The June gloom has come and gone, and here we are with sunny skies and 10.14! This patch, we’re here to teeter those who have been tottering, like Alistar, Kha’Zix, and Sejuani. We’re also adding an extra dash of spice (or more specifically, shadow) …

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PATCH 10.13 VI, YORICK AND NOCTURNE BUFFS! lower elo smurfs, it’s your turn! “Hi! It’s heating up outside, so we’ve got a pretty chill patch for you. This patch is mostly about reacting to balance outliers, so here we are after making the rounds: hopping up a particularly hoppy yordle, simmering down Syndra’s spheres, tapping …

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Patch NOTES 10.10 RITO trying to delete all the Katarina smurfs? “Another patch! Who would’ve known! This patch, we’re taking a gander at some old friends who have been struggling for a while—Udyr! Nidalee! Sivir! How we’ve missed you!—and readjusting a couple of offenders that have been toeing the line (hint: trees, daggers, and gems). …

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